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Welcome to Pearl Party Love!!
     Live pearl parties! Follow Shannon on Facebook at Pearl Party Love.  Whether she is shucking oysters, having a drill party and making beautiful jewelry or even if it's grab bag night, you are sure to have a blast and the jewelry is amazing.  Check the site daily to see the parties that are planned.

Try the many Bath & Body products now available. Each product is made by Shannon and you will love each and every one of them! We offer Whipped Soaps, Loofahs, Puffs, Wax Melts, Sugar Scrubs and Polishes and each come in MANY different AMAZING scents!!

  On Shuck Nights you can place your order and watch your oysters opened live on Facebook!  Each oyster is guaranteed to contain at least one AA rated round pearl.

  Join us during Drill Party Nights where you can choose your pearl and jewelry and then watch it get drilled and set LIVE! Pearls are FREE with your jewelry purchase!!

  Or join us during our many Grab Bag Nights where you can purchase grab bags that can value up to $120 and sometimes MORE!!
 Choose the perfect jewelry for your pearls in our store below! Pearls are FREE with your jewelry purchase!! PPL is now offering FREE SHIPPING on all our items!! After placing your order you can return to Pearl Party Love on Facebook  by clicking on any of the Facebook icons or simply click here.. 

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Peace, Pearls and Love.